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Join the LILLYDOO team

If you're passionate about your profession, collaboratively working on projects that matter, and having fun along the way, we would love to welcome you in our team.

Our mobile working set-up

How we work all-year-around?

Mobile working “as you like” is enabling us to have the most flexible environment for everyone to work in. You can work wherever you want in Germany and this set-up is here to stay.

You want to enjoy and explore a different scenery?

Additionally we offer up to 70 days of mobile working in foreign countries (EU / non-EU countries + suitable time zones and online security should be contemplated to ensure team communication exchange).

Our Frankfurt Office

The Lillydoo headquarter is located in Frankfurt, Germany. Whenever you feel like working in an office environment you can simply book a desk in our office at the Hanauer-Landstraße 147-149.

You would like to have a sneak peak?

⬅️ Take a look around and explore our office space.

Our values

What makes us tick and the values we hold dear.